Leverage the Power of the PawnMaster Network


Leverage the Power of the PawnMaster Network


Leverage the Power of the
PawnMaster Network

Revolutionizing the Way Pawnbrokers Place AcuSport Orders

PawnMaster has partnered with AcuSport, the leading firearms distributor, to integrate ordering through the POS system. Orders are sent electronically through PawnMaster pawn shop management software to AcuSport on a nightly basis to streamline inventory management, save time and improve cash flow.


  • Generate automated purchase orders (PO’s) based on customized inventory levels set in the system by PawnMaster customers
  • Save time
  • Improve product flow
  • Minimize the risk of running out of stock
  • POs fulfilled through the system are automatically entered into PawnMaster’s already robust reporting capabilities
  • Auto-reorders*
  • Set gun reorder thresholds

Additional benefits for CLX participants**

  • Priority ordering status through API orders over standard AcuSport orders
  • Discounts and free shipping
  • Visibility to industry trends to help generate a larger return
  • Priority access to in-demand products

* Verification required. ** AcuSport will determine if retailers qualify for CLX. CLX customers are required to share data with AcuSport.

“Not only is the AcuSport integration in PawnMaster extremely easy to use, it can give us access to hard-to-get items. The system maintains inventory levels without having to overstock items, so inventory costs go down. PawnMaster is automatically updated so we know what items are on the way. It automatically reports what we still need to order so we can send a request to other vendors quickly. The system also makes it easy to receive inventory.”

~ Roger Bernskoetter, Owner, Roger’s Pawn & Gun (AcuSport Integration User)

”We are excited about this partnership. Our retailers have seen great success with the CLX Program and we are looking forward to the integration with PawnMaster to bring that success to the pawn industry as well. Working with Data Age will be a great fit due to their attention to innovation and high customer service.”

~ Tonya Abrego, AcuSport’s Electronic Business Manager

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