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How to Combat Inventory Turnover Problems

How to Combat Inventory Turnover Problems Save more, make more. What is inventory turnover? Inventory turnover is a measurement of how many times the retail inventory is sold during a twelve-month period. While total store turn rates are important to know, turn rates are much more meaningful when viewed at the classification level. Jewelry Firearms Electronics Art Inventory turn
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Check out this AWESOME testimonial from our 8 store client Money Mizer!

Money Mizer Management, Inc. 1648 Manchester Expressway, Columbus, GA 31904 phone: 706.810.0605 / email: mgmt@moneymizer.net I recently spent two days at the Data Age headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The purpose of my visit was to gain a deeper insight into the Data Age product and services our company, Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers, utilizes on

Fear About Gun Legislation Pushed Firearm Sales To Record High Last Month

Last month’s record-setting pace was the result of two deadly shootings in a month’s time, which significantly increased the likelihood that President Obama and Congressional Democrats would draft anti-gun legislation. But even before the massacre at Sandy Hook and the ambush outside Rochester, N.Y., gun sales were markedly higher, driven there by suspicion that the president would push for tighter restrictions. Last November was another record-busting month: 2 million NICS checks.

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