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Off-Site Backup - Protect Your Assets

People will spend over a hundred dollars a month on cable TV, cell phones and other convienences.

According to a 2003 Pepperdine study, " loss costs US businesses more than $18 billion each year. The most common forms of loss are hard drive failure, theft, accidental deletion, fires and floods ". At Data Age, we recognize that data losses can have a catastrophic impact on you. Tape backup systems are unreliable and prone to human error. Data recovery from backup tapes fail more than 50% of the time, and can be up to 400x slower than recovering data from a disk.




Data Age’s Digi-Shield Off Site Data Storage Backup service is a:

  • Secure and hardened data center for critical data back-up and recovery
  • Industry leading Service Level Agreements
  • One-call Restore


The Digi-Shield (Off Site Data Storage) Backup service can protect you against:

  • Rogue and/or Terminated Employees
  • End-user errors of overwriting files or deleting
  • Natural Disasters
  • Computer issues, i.e. hardware failure and drives
  • Theft


Digi-Shield — Industry leading experts in security, data, hosting and technical services:

  • Single point of contact vs. multiple points for other solutions
  • Restore data information in seconds, vs. hours or days
  • Replicate and add new data storage locations
  • Easy to add additional storage space


Digi-Shield Chart


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