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For over twenty years, Data Age has been dedicated to serving the needs of the pawn industry. Today, our pawn software is used by more pawnbrokers than any other pawn software in the market.

The PawnMaster pawn management system has evolved over the years, thanks to feedback from both small and large pawn operations and our continued investments in our software. While pawn software enables a pawn shop to put in place standard operating procedures, it must be detail driven.

We've designed our pawn software to be simple to use and to provide both single and multi-store pawnshops with the means to monitor and control their operations. PawnMaster is extremely flexible, yet it protects the pawnbroker against employee embezzlement and customer fraud. Our pawn software helps deliver better customer service, encourages customer loyalty, manages inventory and improves cash flow and profits.

The PawnMaster system is sold with self-paced online training and certification designed to help employees learn how the system can be used.

Let's take a closer look at some of the challenges pawn shops deal with everyday and, before you make a buying decision, consider three key points that differentiate PawnMaster from other pawn software.


The PawnMaster software is one of the most comprehensive tools for pawn shop management including:


Pawn Management

Capture pawn transaction details for new and existing customers, maintain payment history, redeems and forfeits. Describe product brands, models, and generate labels, tickets, and comply with law enforcement reporting mandates.


Sales Management

Capture sales transaction details by brands, and models. Track your inventory, cost of goods sold, inventory turn and profit margins. Expedite sales by scanning barcodes. Utilize UPC codes, serial numbers and rapidly identify actual costs to facilitate negotiations.


Layaways Management

Capture layaway transaction details including products by brand, model, and serial numbers. Maintain payment history and generate receipts, and reports to track profits.


Repairs Management

Capture repair transaction details including pictures, fees and product descriptions.


Forfeits Management

Manage forfeit dates and coordinate pulls in to inventory. Generate reports and text notifications prior to forfeiture to encourage customers to come in for payments.


Split or Combine While Pulling

Have the ability of splitting up jewelry pieces such as a necklace with stones so they can be sold separately or combining multiple items to sell as a package like DJ equipment or grouping DVD's.


Customer History

View detailed transaction history with pictures of every item each customer has pawned, sold, and/or redeemed. Quickly assess customer's history to determine whether to pawn or buy while giving consideration to repeat customers.


Pictures Management

Capture pictures of items to be taken either for jewelry, or all other items as well as customer pictures and IDs.


Employee Audit Control

Get a detailed history of actions for a single or all employees over a date range. You can also look for specific actions. Print or view a multi-page report for a selected employee.


Cash Drawer Management

Each employee can have their own cash drawer ideally or you can use one cash drawer for the whole day. Facilitate balancing of cash drawers, transfers from vault, and enable blind closeouts.


Remote Store Payments

Ability to take remote store payments from any store while verifying payment at each location via phone with entry of generated codes that must be entered.


Mass Inventory Pricing

Mass inventory price changes can be made to any item type, bin, metal with no stones, or all inventory by increasing or decreasing the percentage.


Store to Store Transfer Tracking

Transfer items between stores with a verification process that requires a 10 digit code to ensure proof of acceptance of all items transferred.


Inventory Control with Bar Coding

Apply bar codes to labels that can facilitate binning, tracking, physical inventories, and to expedite transactions by the cashier.


Employee Profitability

Review employee profits by date range, transaction #, customer #, pawn amount, buy amount, all sales amounts, service charges, redeems / principle, gross profit of sales, commission ratios, and commissionable profit. Compare one employee to all employees.


Security - Multiple Levels

Implement security levels by job and responsibility ensuring employees are not interfering with the system and embezzling. Monitor employee activities and differentiate privileges for regular employees, supervisors, store managers, district managers, and owners. Limit User Login and protect passwords with biometric fingerprint scanning.


Shop Analysis Statistics

Review the average pawn amount, purchase amount, sale amount, service payment amount, and repurchase payment amount for a date range.


Anti-Money Laundering Reporting

Print a listing of customers that have pawned, sold, made payments, and purchased more than a user defined amount entered as a System Information Question in cash in a 365 day period that you enter


ATF Compliance



Add On Modules

Text Messaging

Text messaging, either manual or automatic, to customers cell phones facilitates fast and easy communication. Contacting customers becomes automatic and easy, driving maximum return on your investment of resources and time. Text messaging is a fast method of communication where clients open the message and can instantly act on it. Payments come in quicker and fewer items go in to default as a result. This means more monthly service charge income, more money to put on the street and less tied up in inventory sitting on the shelves! PawnMaster provides proven message templates that optimize response from pawn shop customers. Sending a message announcing a payment due, requested item received, or a special discount can all be handled through the Text Messaging module.


Customer ID Scanning

3-track magnetic strips or 2D barcodes to read customer IDs and rapidly populate customer information in to PawnMaster thereby reducing time and errors while capturing transactions.


KeyDX Online Reporting

Businesses can protect and monitor operations with this robust on-line web service, a central repository to access data, gather store metrics, performance intelligence, and export data to a CSV or Excel format. Allows the viewing of common customers across stores as well as inventory items.


Quick Quote

Give instant Metal quotes to your customers to help reduce waiting in line for help. Track quotes given and declined offers.


Price Guide

Will help you determine the highest and lowest amounts paid as well as a median price. It also shows you how long items have been in inventory and quantity on hand.


OFAC Compliance

Monitor all transactions real-time against the federal SDN List as well as transactions that are suspect to criminal activity and reported on the 8300 form. Any person engaged in a trade or business who revolves cash in excess of $10,000 in a single transaction or in two or more related transactions in a 24 hour period must be reported.


Loan Audit

Enables the shop owner to quickly scan for known "red flags"; pawns and buys over a specific amount or date range to see how much was loaned, the employee that loaned the item, a picture of the item, and a detail description of the item.


Optical ID Scanning

Quickly put a picture of the ID on file and populate the customer input fields with one scan or pull up a customer's transactions when they come in to make a payment.



Make employees accountable for their transactions without fear of compromised passwords, provide law enforcement with fingerprints, can also be used to verify customers to prevent fraud prevention, and employee clocking in and out throughout the day.


Wireless Inventory

The MC9090 scanner communicates wirelessly and directly with the PawnMaster database and gives you real-time data descriptions, pictures and bin locations as the label is scanned. It is Ideal for reviewing high valued items, binning on the fly, expediting inventory and shortening discrepancy lists.


GL Export

Can post a detailed listing/itemized transaction to QuickBooks or post a summary of each transaction type for the day.


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