Download The Latest PawnMaster Update

VERSION 11.07a


The updater needs to be downloaded and ran on each of the PawnMaster terminals. Failing to do so will result in a program version mismatch on all workstations.

The updater needs to run on the SERVER terminal first before any of the workstations.
After the updater has been successfully run at each station, launch the PawnMaster program on the server and verify the version on the top left portion of the program screen reads v11.07.

Proceed to launch the PawnMaster program from each of the workstation terminals. Verify the workstation version reads v11.07.
Once the update process has successfully completed all printing ability will need to be tested from all terminals.

From each terminal test a print job of the following:

  • *Pawn Tickets
  • *Buy Tickets
  • *Sales receipt
  • *Labels (inventory & jewelry)
  • *Reminder letters


  • *ID scanners
  • *Fingerprint scanners
  • *Signature pads
  • *Credit card readers

Custom work:

  • *Run custom reports

Click link below to download the latest update for the industry's #1 pawn software!