PawnMaster has integrated add-on
modules to enhance your capabilities
as your business grows

PawnMaster has integrated
add-on modules to enhance
your capabilities as your
business grows



Add-on Modules Make Your Life Easier at Any Stage

Drive Revenue and Increase Efficiency

PawnMaster is a modular software, meaning that you can tailor it for your needs at any stage of business. There is no penalty for adding new modules as you grow.

Revenue Generation

software modules - Customer Loyalty Points
Customer Loyalty Points

Rewarding your customers with discounts for on-time payments and purchases will help promote quicker inventory turnover and increase client retention.

software modules - e-commerce

e-foro allows you to list, manage and sell your inventory on national e-commerce sites such as Craigslist, eBay, and e-foro prepares automatic listings and lets you enter item details on any channel directly through PawnMaster. e-foro give you the functionality to work directly through your PawnMaster dashboard making the process quick and efficient so that you can spend more time running your business. LEARN MORE

software modules - protection plan
Protection Plan

Increase sales revenue while giving your customers additional confidence in your merchandise.

software modules - text messaging
Text Message Marketing

Text Messaging – Open a channel of communication directly with your customers. Text Messaging is proven to increase your service charge income. Set thresholds where owners and managers are alerted. Blast messaging can be used to alert your customers of in-store offers and promotions. LEARN MORE

  • Manager Alerts
  • Automatic Payment Reminders
  • Forfeit Notices
  • Layaway Reminders
  • Wanted Items
  • Repair Notifications
  • Virtual Coupons
  • Holiday Discounts
  • Special Offers
  • Last Minute Deals
  • In-store Events
  • Birthday/ Anniversary Promo Codes

Hardware Integrations

software modules - digital surveillance
Digital Surveillance

Integrates with Eyeson surveillance system to digitally capture information about the transaction (employee, receipt number, name, amount, item, etc.) and place it on the video feed as the transaction is occurring.

software modules - integrated pole display
Integrated Pole Display

The integrated pole display module allows you to give your customer a convenience way to view purchase totals.

software modules - integrated scale
Integrated Scale

Integrated scale for point-of-entry jewelry weights accurately balance, and automatically populate weight fields minimizing employee error.

software modules - quickbooks

Data Age / PawnMaster is an integrated partner with QuickBooks. Our software module can post a detailed listing/itemized transaction to QuickBooks or post a summary of each transaction type for the day.

software modules - remote payments
Remote Payments

Our integrated remote payment module for multi-store pawn brokers allows your customers the convenience of making payments at any of your locations.

software modules - barcode scanning
Barcode Scanning

Synchronized tracking of inventory between front-office and back-office. PawnMaster inventory control module provides tracking of pawned items, sales made and quantity on hand by monitoring through barcode scanning and reconciliation of inventories.

software modules - fingerprint scanning
Fingerprint Scanning

No more worries about login passwords with PawnMaster’s integrated biometric fingerprint scanner. This feature provides quick access for employee login and secure customer identity verification.

software modules - ID scanning
ID Scanning

With innovative barcode technology, PawnMaster will capture the customer information from legal identification within seconds! This feature will also scan inventory labels at the time of the sale or other barcode items. The time saved will create increased customer engagement and employee awareness.

2D ID Scan

Magnetic Strip ID Scan

Optical ID Scan


software modules - real time ofac
Real Time OFAC

The real time OFAC software module downloads the latest SDN list directly to the end user’s hard drive, PawnMaster check ‘s each customer against this list at the time of the transaction.

software modules - police download
Police Download

PawnMaster’s Police Download software module lets you report transaction information to law enforcement agencies. As computers and the internet access becomes common, more police agencies are requiring electronic reporting. Your local law enforcement agency will determine which system you will be required to use.

Police Download Software Modules

BWI (Batch Only)

BWI (Real Time)





Seattle, WA

Colorado Springs


software modules - loan audit
Loan Audit

PawnMaster offers a unique pawn inventory auditing feature. This module allows the shop owner to quickly scan for pawns and buys over a specific amount or date range to see how much was loaned, the employee that loaned the item, a picture of the item, and a detail description of the item.

software modules - multi-store management
Multi-Store Management

PawnMaster allows for multiple stores to post to a central database where customer and inventory item information is shared between stores. One single report allows the pawn shop owner to get a snapshot of all store numbers for the day

software modules - title loan
Title Loan

The Title Loan software module has been designed to meet the needs of businesses dedicated to providing short-term loans to consumers who are using collateral in the form of a car, motorcycle, boat, RV, and any other titled property.

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