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The pawn management system that allows the flexibility to grow with your business.

PawnMaster is known for being the most widely used pawn management system in the industry! The evolution of PawnMaster is the result of nearly 30 years of innovation driven by feedback from customers just like you! Every customer is different, so we work with you to custom build your software. We have three product tiers that will give us an idea what is most important to you. From there, we’ll create the most economical solution for your shop.


Below is list of some of the features PawnMaster offers. For a complete list and to see how PawnMaster can help your business, complete the demo request form on this page.

Imagine if you knew exactly how much revenue each customer brought to your store? PawnMaster puts this data right in front of you! Understanding your customers spending activity and actions allows you to make sound business decisions.

Capture sales transaction details by brand and model. Quickly track your inventory, cost of goods sold, turns and profit margins. Expedite sales by scanning barcodes. By taking advantage of UPC codes and serial numbers you can rapidly identify actual costs to facilitate negotiations.No more manually calculating monthly sales tax reports.

Capture layaway transaction details by brand, model, and serial number. Maintain payment history and generate receipts or optional payment statements. Automatically send reminders and late notices.

Quickly record repair transaction details including fees and product descriptions.Track repairs that have been sent out and automatically send reminders when they are due back.

Manage forfeited items and coordinate pulls in to inventory. Generate reports and send forfeiture text notifications before and after payment is due to encourage timely customer payments.

Efficiently split up jewelry pieces such as a necklace with stones so they can be sold separately or combine multiple items to sell as a package

Move items into bulk locations when selling for a fixed price. Video games, loose tools, Blu-Rays, are common examples of this action.

At your fingertips a complete history of every transaction you’ve had or performed with each customer.

Prevent false claims. Take up to 6 pictures of every item purchased or loaned. Take a picture of your customer and optionally view the picture when finding the customer, providing an added layer of customer identification verification.

Increase employee retention and lower revenue loss by identifying any employee who may by over-loaning or entering erroneous information. Quickly view the details of every transaction performed each day.

Keep it simple or be as detailed as you want. Run a single cash drawer or track employee cash drawers with options for blind close-outs and required disbursements.

Give your customers the option of paying on their loan at any of your locations, adding a whole new level of convenience.

A useful tool to discount aged inventory or to adjust prices quickly as precious metal markets fluctuate.

Move inventory easily between any two locations using PawnMaster.

Control inventory or perform audits and sales using handheld scan guns to increase speed and accuracy.

Who are your star players? Employee profitability reporting shows you exactly how much profit staff members are generating on each transaction. Compare against other employees or shop averages.

Easily control staff access to menus, reports, and functions to prevent unauthorized access.

Firearm licensed dealers will have the confidence of knowing that all required firearm information is entered for every gun transaction.

Negotiate from a position of strength with immediate access to historic sales and buying data including items on hold and potential defaults.

With just a few clicks enter all item details for frequently pawned goods.

Do you have hourly employees? No need to purchase a separate time tracking system, PawnMaster has it built-in.


Many business owners tend to overlook the importance of technical support when purchasing a software management system. But when you need help an experienced, responsive and knowledgeable support team quickly becomes the single most important aspect of your software provider. PawnMaster has the largest, most experienced support team in the industry.

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The PawnMaster Advantage

At PawnMaster, we strive to put you in the best possible position for success. Our software allows you to choose from hundreds of system preferences that personalize your businesses needs. Ranging from compliance, security, cash flow, employee and inventory controls, PawnMaster’s got you covered.

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Training/Data Age University

Unleash the power of PawnMaster features, with knowledge comes profit!

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See What Our Customers are Saying

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    My name is Scott Miller. Me and my wife, Ida, own Cash Pawn & Jewelry in Vero Beach, Florida. We are a mom and pop type store. We started out in 1997 using PawnManager a DOS-based program. We used PawnManager for 16 years. Yes it is cheap to buy. Yes it will create your pawn tickets and let you do sales. But it will not help you grow. When technical support became almost nonexistent with them, we decided to find a new program. We again, looked for the cheap (that's the pawnbroker in us). We went with what we thought was a great low-cost program called Pawn Wizard (what a joke the program and support is. The program crashes all the time is not compliant with Florida for filling out pawn tickets. Support has no clue what they are doing. I have had days were I spent more time on the phone with them than with my customers. How would you like to tell your customers, “Sorry can't do a pawn system is down.” It did not take me long to get tired of them. One year and they were gone. Now we have been using PawnMaster for 16 months. (Had to wait on the review till we were sure happy with program). The software is excellent, customer service is SECOND TO NONE. This program helps me keep my pawn shop in order. Our pawns have gone up 20%. We can now look at a glance and see if a customer is credit worthy to raise the loan amount. Have you ever been so busy that you can't keep your eye on all of your customers? We have and I am sure you have been too. Well we had a customer pick up an item off the shelf and try to pawn it. PawnMaster said it was already in our inventory. That saved us $80.00 -- the cost we originally payed for it, and probably another $60-$80 if we pawned it. Reports – there more reports than we know what to do with. Customer re-pawns are fast and flawless. New customer’s entry is very fast with a driver’s license scan. Do yourself a favor and think real hard before you use another pawn program. If you are willing to learn the knowledge of others, learn the down falls of them. Use PawnMaster.

    Cost of PawnManager $995.00 Good program if you don't want support and want to not grow.
    Cost of Pawn Wizard $1700.00 Good program if you like to flush you money down the toilet.
    Cost of PawnMaster so far PRICELESS

    Scott Miller / Cash Pawn & Jewelry / Vero Beach, FL /


Sales: 888-949-7296
Support: 727-582-9100
Fax: 727-582-9666



14450 46th St. North
Suite #108
Clearwater, FL 33762 


The importance of effective technical support service departments is often overlooked by software providers. Thousands of talented software developers launch businesses and are ill-equipped to support their customers. Some larger companies cut back on costs by providing marginal support to their customers. At PawnMaster we provide an annual Customer Care Agreement that protects pawnbroker’s investments through technical support services while continually providing new software updates.

Technical support personnel are available from  9 AM – 8 PM EST (Eastern Standard Time) 

PawnMaster Advantage

PawnMaster utilizes nearly 30 years of experience and input from over 5,000 pawn shop owners to offer more than basic software functionality. We understand that your business is as unique as you are. As such, we understand the importance of allowing you to choose which strategy is best suited for you and your business. Our easy to navigate interface makes PawnMaster simple to learn and produces maximum speed at the counter. This functionality allows your customers to have a well-organized experience. Our industry leading Technical and Customer Support teams will take your PawnMaster experience to the next level. We provide the quickest response times in the industry; as we understand that down time is not an option. PawnMaster is comprised of robust tools and rich reports designed to make your business more profitable and efficient. PawnMaster has built in marketing tools to help your business increase revenue. There is a difference when it comes to pawn management software and that difference is the reason PawnMaster is the industry leading software provider!  

Training/Data Age University

Training is the fastest route to success within PawnMaster. We offer several training options to help you and your employees fully utilize all PawnMaster features.  Our goal is to make sure you understand how PawnMaster can maximize your revenue and profits. Our team of subject matter experts are well versed in PawnMaster and the pawn industry. Our training programs are designed to help beginners get up and running quickly. We also teach experienced users how to gain a better understanding of the rich reporting and advanced money making features within PawnMaster. Training Programs Available:

Data Age University

  • Training in the Data Age Training Facility
  • Experienced PawnMaster Experts
  • Free from Distractions and Interruptions
  • Customized Curriculum Based on Your Data
  • Advanced Training for Experienced Users


  • On Location In Your Shop
  • Experienced Trainers
  • Train Your Entire Staff at Once
  • Training Customized to Your Shops Needs
  • Work one-on-one with a PawnMaster Expert

Online Tutorials*

  • Available 24/7
  • Over 75 Comprehensive Tutorials
  • Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced Lessons
  • Self-Paced Learning
  • Great for Ongoing Training


  • Available 9AM-5PM Eastern Time, M-F
  • Work with an Experienced PawnMaster Trainer
  • Great for Specific, Detailed Needs

*Contact your account manager to access the PawnMaster training center. Ask for more details on our different training options!