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We enjoy working closely with our customers to help them purchase a pawn management software that is best suited to their specific needs. We back them every step of the way with our industry leading support and service. Don’t take our word for it. Check out some of the testimonials below to see what they have to say about us.

Data Age / PawnMaster Testimonials

Testimonials - A-1 Pawn & Gun

No matter how long you’ve been using PawnMaster, you can always benefit from Data Age University’s…

Andrea Chiasson

A-1 Pawn & Gun

Testimonials - West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell

I don’t have to go to bed at night wondering if the machine is going to turn on the next morning…

Stephen Falk

West Main Jewelry Buy & Sell

Testimonials - J&S Pawn and Gun

He did his research and chose PawnMaster over our competition because of our superior technical…

Jerry Sullivan

J and S Gun & Pawn

Testimonials - The Pawn Shop

In this testimonial, a distraught customer was experiencing one of the scariest nightmares a…

Elizabeth Medina

The Pawn Shop

Why did you choose PawnMaster software to run your shop? It will make me more efficient. The text feature is one of the main things that sold me. I was using another software that just wasn’t working for me, especially with 150 transactions a day. – Do you wish you had started using PawnMaster earlier? Oh yes! – What did you learn to day at Data Age University that will be helpful to you? It taught me how to do the day-to-day features. Its pretty easy to use. – How will PawnMaster help you with security in your shop? It tracks who did the pawn and forces the employees to make better choices. Be accountable. – Is there anything else you’d like to add about PawnMaster? You have very good structure.”

Lance Pritchette

Godfather’s Pawn

Testimonials - Gold West Pawn & Jewelry

After trying competing products, Odell started using PawnMaster and, in his own words, “has no…

Odell Orr

Gold West Pawn & Jewelry

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Derek Martin talks about how the estimator is a cool idea, but its functionality was more of a…

Derek Martin

Milton Gun & Pawn

Testimonials - Denbigh Pawn Shop-2

The most important thing, reputation in business and support when you have a problem…

Michael Palmeri

Denbigh Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Express her frustration dealing with other software vendors before joining the PawnMaster team….

Tammy Gates

Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Derek Martin had been using PawnMaster for years and thought that he might be interested in….

Derek Martin

Milton Gun & Pawn

Testimonials - Marv's Place Pawn Shop

Stuart Wolf of Marv’s Place Pawn Shop talks about their time in the pawn industry, a need for a better…

Stuart Wolf

Marv's Place Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Denbigh Pawn Shop-2

Lisa Little of Fieldstone Jewelry & Pawn was a happy PawnMaster customer but decided to switch…

Lisa Little

Fieldstone Jewelry & Pawn

Testimonials - Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Rich Blakeman, had been using PawnMaster in his shop since it opened 13 years ago…

Rich Blakeman

Classic Jewelry & Loan

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Mike Jansma of Jackpot Pawn recounts the 30 years of experience his shop has had with PawnMaster.

Mike Jansma

Jackpot Pawn

Testimonials - Marv's Place Pawn Shop

When it was time to switch from her outdated DOS-based pawn program, Jeni-Lei decided…

Jeni-Lei R. Powell

Ruby Mountain Pawn

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Mike Jansma, owner of Jackpot Pawn, talks about the need for a stable software, making sure his data…

Mike Jansma

Jackpot Pawn

Testimonials - Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Phillip Church, owner of Superpawn, Inc. talks about how easy it is to learn PawnMaster…

Phillip Church


Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Mike Pigg of Mike’s Jewelry & Loan LLC talks about how PawnMaster has streamlined…

Mike Pigg

Mike's Jewelry and Loan

Testimonials - Marv's Place Pawn Shop

Roger Minger talks about how PawnMaster allows us to keep track of a lot of things…

Roger Minger

Jolly Rogers Gun & Pawn

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Eve Boatright talks about her favorite feature in PawnMaster and how our Tech Support…

Eve Boatright

Depot Street Pawn

Testimonials - Milton Gun & Pawn

Shawn Goans talks about his favorite feature in PawnMaster and moving from handwritten tickets…

Shawn Goans

Fort Scott Gun & Pawn

William E. Harris

“I recently spent two days at the Data Age headquarters in Clearwater, Florida. The purpose of my visit was to gain a deeper insight into the Data Age product and services our company, Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers, utilizes on a daily basis in our corporate and franchise stores. I came to the realization that the money our company invests in Data Age products and services goes far beyond the tangibles that we receive. The quality of the product is clearly a result of and evident in the caliber of people who provide that service to our company.”

William E. Harris / Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers / Columbus, GA
Omar Anzar

“I’m extremely pleased with the high level of personalized service provided by everyone on the DataAge team. Len, Luis, and Rich have been a true pleasure to work with! They are always receptive to my input, and it’s crystal clear that their customer is their number one priority and not the bottom line.

I currently own and operate Monte de Piedad, a 13 store pawn shop chain in San Diego, CA. I can tell you that their software is stable and secure and you don’t run the risk of sharing your private transaction data with your competitors like some other programs do. I’ve also submitted requests for customization, and I’ve always encountered a quick turnaround time for the production of those requests. Their online sales platform is awesome and they only charge a flat fee. Additionally, with each updated software version, Pawnmaster continues to evolve with new features, capabilities, and options.

After having dealt with the team for more than 10 years by phone, I finally had a chance to meet them in person in Florida, and it felt like we had personally known each other forever. I can’t emphasize how comforting it is to have the full support of my pawn shop software provider and to know that DataAge has my best interests in mind. I highly recommend and endorse the Pawnmaster team if you are looking for a highly productive, receptive, ethical, and true software partner for your pawn business.”

Omar Anzar / Monte de Piedad / San Diego, CA
Jared Pike

“Please let this message correlate with the actions of your business. We have been in business for over 26 years and have always trusted Data Age Business Systems to help us with our software. PawnMaster is a great tool if you are just opening up a pawn shop for the first time or have many years of experience. Great company with a very helpful staff that will attend to your everyday needs!”

Jared Pike / Royal Pawn Inc. / Covington, KY

PawnMaster Ignite Testimonials

Testimonials - A Pawn USA

A Pawn USA office manager Nancy Parker is impressed with the functionality and enhanced…

Nancy Parker

A Pawn USA

Testimonials - Crown Jewelers and Pawn

Mike Katsanevas of Crown Jewelers details the features that he uses most in PawnMaster Ignite…

Mike Katsanevas

Crown Jewelers and Pawn

Testimonials - Pawn 1

Greg White of Pawn 1 describes a few of the features he really likes in PawnMaster Ignite.

Greg White

Pawn 1

Software Testimonials

Testimonials - All Start Pawn

Todd Short from All Star Pawn talks about his experience implementing PawnMaster’s industry-leading…

Todd Short

All Star Pawn

Testimonials - Parker Pawn

I don’t have to go to bed at night wondering if the machine is going to turn on the next morning…

Josh Parker

Parker Pawn

Testimonials - Empire Gold & Pawn

When you have the industry-leading pawn shop software, it’s the little things that make a big…

Richard & Dusty Ouimette

Empire Gold & Pawn

Testimonials - Portman Jewelry & Pawn

PawnMaster rocks! But hey, don’t take it from us – take it from our customers! These guys are…

Dean & Cole Portman

Portman Jewelry & Pawn

Testimonials - West Ridge Traders

This customer switched from another pawn program and talks about their experience with Data Age, PawnMaster’s…

Mark Polumbo

West Ridge Traders

Testimonials - Windy City Jewelers & Loan

Lee shares his experience with PawnMaster and has been a user for over 20 years. PawnMaster allows him to play more golf…

Lee Amberg

Windy City Jewelers & Loan

“I switched to PawnMaster after using PawnManager for 13 years and I cannot be more satisfied. PawnMaster has more features and is dependable. Data Age has created a program that works great for the pawnbroker with one or multiple stores. I was pleased how friendly and helpful Data Age’s tech dept. has been. I wish I had switched from PawnManager to PawnMaster sooner.”

Frank Broadway

Frank’s Pawn Shop Inc.

Testimonials - My Pawn Shop

Tim Hopson worked for CashAmerica for over a decade before he decided to open…

Tim Hopson

My Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Advance Pay Pawn & Jewelry

Check out this testimonial from a new client who previously used two other software programs before…

Brandon & Michael

Advance Pay Pawn & Jewelry

Testimonials - Bayou Gold and Pawn

Michael Montgomery of Bayou Gold & Pawn talks about how PawnMaster’s easy-to-use…

Michael Montgomery

Bayou Gold and Pawn

Testimonials - Bowlby Pawn & Gun

Gene from Bowlby Pawn & Gun talks about how PawnMaster software is easy to learn and easy…


Bowlby's Gun and Pawn

Testimonials - Kellys Pawn

After failure following failure, he decided to go back to the trusted product he knew would provide…

Kelly Lyon

Kelly's Pawn

Testimonials - The Milford Trade & Exchange

After trying unsuccessfully four times to find a pawn management system, Jay turned to PawnMaster…

Jay Hammond

The Milford Trade & Exchange Co.

Testimonials - Fox Pawn

After dealing with unreliable software, Austin made the switch to PawnMaster and couldn’t…

Austin Fox

Fox Pawn

Testimonials - Brooks Pawn&Jewelry

Victoria was looking for a user-friendly pawn management system and choose PawnMaster…

Victoria Brooks

Brooks Pawn & Jewelry

Testimonials - American Family Pawn & Guns

Talking about being able to choose between two platforms with PawnMaster and not given a…

Kevin Penrose

American Family Pawn & Guns

Testimonials - Charlie's Pawn Shop

Discuss how helpful tech support was with getting his shop Military Leading Act (MLA) compliant…

Charlie Temkovits

Charlie's Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Charlie's Pawn Shop

Martin Strasser entrusts… 20 years to build to the superior security and stability of PawnMaster.

Martin Strasser

Premier Jewellery and Loans

Testimonials - Charlie's Pawn Shop

Parlour Pawn Bill Daigle relies on PawnMaster to manage his 30 employees and over 15,000 pawns.

Bill Daigle

Parlour Pawn

Testimonials - American Family Pawn & Guns

Talking about PawnMaster’s Data Conversion Team and what she likes about the software…

Melanie Ziegler

Ben's Loan Inc.

Scott Miller

“My name is Scott Miller. Me and my wife, Ida, own Cash Pawn & Jewelry in Vero Beach, Florida. We started out in 1997 using PawnManager a DOS-based program. We used PawnManager for 16 years. Yes, it is cheap to buy. Yes, it will create your pawn tickets and let you do sales. But it will not help you grow. When technical support became almost nonexistent with them, we decided to find a new program. We again, looked for the cheap (that’s the pawnbroker in us). We went with what we thought was a great low-cost program called Pawn Wizard (what a joke the program and support is. The program crashed all the time, is not compliant with Florida for filling out pawn tickets. Support has no clue what they are doing. I have had days were I spent more time on the phone with them than with my customers. How would you like to tell your customers, “Sorry can’t do a pawn system is down?” It did not take me ling to get tired of them. One year and they were gone. Now we have been using PawnMaster for 16 months. (Had to wait on the review till we were sure happy with program). The software is excellent; customer service is SECOND TO NONE. This program helps me keep my pawn shop in order. Our pawns have gone up 20%. We can now look at a glance and see if a customer is credit worthy to raise the loan amount. Have you ever been so busy that you can’t keep your eye on all of your customers? We have and I am sure you have been too. Well we had a customer pick up and item off the shelf and try to pawn it. PawnMaster said it was already in our inventory. That saved us $80.00 – the cost we originally payed for it, and probably another $60-$80 if we pawned it. Reports – there more reports than we know what to do with. Customer re-pawns are fast and flawless. New customer’s entry is very fast with a driver’s license scan. Do yourself a favor and think real hard before you use another pawn program. If you are willing to learn the knowledge of others, learn the down falls of them. Use PawnMaster. Cost of PawnManager $995.00 Good program if you don’t want support and want to not grow. Cost of Pawn Wizard $1700.00 Good program if you like to flush your money down the toilet. Cost of PawnMaster so far PRICELESS”

Scott Miller / Cash Pawn & Jewelry / Vero Beach, FL
Sharon Snuffer

“I am a single store owner. Before PawnMaster I hand wrote everything. This program has saved me so much time. I do not know how I survived without it. It is especially nice when you need to look up an item, history or to re-pawn an item. I should have had this program years ago.”

Sharon Snuffer / Roy’s Loans Inc. / Oak Hill, WV

Modules Testimonials

“We used the text messaging module to market black Friday offers. We sent a text message blast to all our customers from each of our shop locations. We had a tremendous response on black Friday. We did not need to use print advertising, we simply used word of mouth and text messaging. Our turn out with text-messaging was better than previous years. When we opened our armory and our gun shop, we sent a text message blast saying we now loan on guns. We also sent notifications letting our gun customers know we have AR-15’s. Within a half hour, we had 10 phone calls in response to the blast. Text Messaging works, it drives customer calls and gets them into the store…”
Dave Larson

Mega Pawn & Jewelry

Testimonials - Crown Jewelry

PawnMaster’s integrated e-commerce solution helped them increase online sales by $5,000…

Marie Peterson

Crown Jewelers and Pawn

Testimonials - Lowell Jewelry & Loan

PawnMaster’s text messaging product can help you in your shop, in multiple ways. You can send…

Chris McCarthy

Lowell Jewelry & Loan

Testimonials - Crown Jewelers and Pawn

Mike Katsanevas has been using PawnMaster for over two decades. See what he has to say about…

Mike Katsanevas

Crown Jewelers and Pawn

Testimonials - Alaska Fast Cash

If you’re looking to grow your business, this testimonial is for you. Noel Lowe talks about how…

Noel Lowe

Alaska Fast Cash

Testimonials - Jerry Sullivan

PawnMaster will always be available…  Also, listen to how Text reminders can help increase…

Jerry Sullivan

J and S Gun & Pawn

Testimonials - Mega Pawn

Matt Ferris uses PawnMaster to manage his pawn shops… Hear what he has to say about…

Matt Ferris

Mega Pawn

Testimonials - B.S. & G. Pawn LLC

With a number of firearms, he would need to inventory on a regular basis…

Todd Boyle

B.S. & G. Pawn LLC

Testimonials - N&B Pawnbrokers LLC

After trying unsuccessfully to run his shop pen-to-pad, he realized that he need a pawn…

Gene Bryer

N&B Pawnbrokers LLC

Testimonials - Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

After taking over as manager of Earl’s Pawn & Jewelry, Rhonda Roebuck decided to implement…

Rhonda Roebuck

Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Testimonials - Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Denny’s Jewelry & Pawn manager Tammy tells us how TxT Valet has made promoting her shop easier.

Tammy Gates

Denny's Jewelry & Pawn

Testimonials - B.S. & G. Pawn LLC

A solution for pawn shop owners who want to sell their inventory on their own…

Jason Coffey

23rd Street Pawn

Testimonials - N&B Pawnbrokers LLC

Michael Bartlett describes how PawnMaster’s e-foro module streamlines his day-to-day business…

Michael Bartlett

The Gun Shop and Trading Post

Testimonials - Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Mike Pigg talks about how eforo has streamlined their online listing process…

Mike Pigg

Mike's Jewelry and Loan

Testimonials - Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Mike Katsanevas of Crown Jewelers sees the cost-benefit in using PawnMaster’s TxTValet program.

Mike Katsanevas

Crown Jewelers

Testimonials - Daddy's Jewelry

PawnMaster’s TxTValet module has helped to increase service charges and a 30% increase over last years…

Andres Arcila

Daddy's Jewelry

Testimonials - Earl's Pawn & Jewelry

Mike Katsanevas of Crown Jewelers-TxTValet program has helped them increase their “Black Friday” revenue.

Mike Katsanevas

Crown Jewelers

“It’s a great system for reporting the numbers and it keeps track of everything. Prior to using e-foro, we were using Auctiva for eBay, and Craigslist, we were just going to the site. Now we can track what sells on Craigslist and what doesn’t. Beforehand, we had a bunch of terrible paperwork we had to keep track of every time we sold something and now it’s just a report in our system so it’s really nice to have that tracking ability. You can actually track how many people came in to buy something from Craigslist. Since we started e-foro, we’ve been able to increase our postings quite a bit because craigslist used to kick us off after so many postings. E-foro will put the postings in a queue for us and it will post to craigslist when craigslist will allow for another post. We’ve seen an increase in sales because we’ve been posting a lot more It’s been really helpful, you guys have been great and we definitely see the benefit of it. It’s been such a great advertising tool.”
Randy / Vista Pawn / Boise, ID
Derek Cartier
“Since we add the Customer Loyalty Points module, we’ve seen a big increase in repeat business. In our industry, there are some clients that could use a helping hand or would simply like to own something that they would not otherwise have the chance to own. Our redemption rate is very strong but it is because we encourage redemption and remind clients that they have points available whenever possible. If you don’t encourage the client to use them the program will become stagnant and the referral source that comes from the program don’t come either. Points are earned when a customer complete store transaction… Pawn payments or the sale or purchase of an item. I recommend the customer loyalty point module; I wouldn’t run my business without it.”
Derek Cartier / City Pawn & Payday Loans / Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada
Mike Katsanevas
“Just through the text messaging on our pawn porting, we’ve seen a 32% increase in on-time payments. Also, we’re using blast messaging so anytime we have a special or an event we want to promote, we can reach out to our clientele. We did a year end special and sent out a blast text message 2 days before the event. We literally had people lined up at our doors. Typically we get between 500-700 people each day, we got close to twelve hundred people utilizing the text messaging blast module.”
Mike Katsanevas / Crown Jewelry & Pawn / Salt Lake City, UT
Mark Hanna
“e-foro makes it easier and more efficient for my employees to list, post and sell items. e-foro takes listing items manually from tedious to efficient! Best of all it’s easy to use. It walks you through the process!”
Mark Hanna / Pawn Max / Tampa, FL
Noel Lowe
“We rolled out the text messaging, we have I think somewhere around 2,000 customers cell phone numbers in the text message system and every morning when we log into PawnMaster, it sends out somewhere between 30 & 50 text messages and within five seconds of that happening, my phone rings 30-50 times and customers are asking the same question, “How much do I owe?” and “When do I get to pay?” and immediately after that, they just start walking through the door to make their payments, so we figure we’re defaulting on fewer loans, we’re generating more service revenue because people are actually getting reminded in real time on a device that everybody checks.”
Noel Lowe / Alaska Fast Cash / Alaska, AK
Luke Finkelstein

“Maybe a year later after receiving the software tool one of your representatives called me and walked through an evaluation of the product and made sure I knew the ends and outs of the software. There was one major tool I did not even realize that I had to my disposal. I now am aware and have indoctrinated the new training about 3-4 months ago to utilize the tool of Manager text alerts. That is the greatest tool since sliced bread. I have setup alerts to make me aware of over/shorts on the cash drawers. I am alerted to every pawn over $1000.00 to simply contact the store and talk about the loan and to use the moment as a training to refine or sharpen the skills of the pawnbroker on making big loans. Furthermore, if there was any unscrupulous activity, the clerk knows I am immediately aware of any large activity transactions. For them, the subordinate, when they get a call or I stop in a few hours later and inquire about a transaction, they say to themselves “my supervisor is on his A game.” They do not know how I find out these various details through the day and it appears that I am very aware and alert to the big activities of the day. I will counsel an employee when he has cut prices too much on a sale because I have the text to alert me for certain percentage discounts that the employee has taken and use it as a training time to improve his or her salesmanship vs. order taking abilities. It may sound as If I am the Manager police (the software accomplishes that as well), but it allows me to use case study activity to train and to let them know that “I inspect what I expect”. If your General Manager was given the authority to delete inventory at a branch, the text will alert and also if a pawn is unpulled. The text module even allows us to broadcast a sale to the overall customer base that is signed up for text messaging.

I was paying 45 cents for stamps, a 5 cent envelope and probably another 5 cents for the pre-printed reminder notice form, plus $20.00 labor to send out from 175-300 notices per week in postage with a much lesser percentage of success. I have saved a small fortune in postage each week and by the time I finish this bragging in this letter, they are going to cut me some more savings. Just kidding. Texting is a great product and every pawnbroker needs the tool for both positive results and also to avoid the negative results by not being in tune with your business.

Luke Finkelstein / Capital Pawn Shop/ Montgomery, AL

Support Testimonials

Testimonials - The Pawn Shop

In this testimonial, you will hear a snippet of an 18-minute phone conversation with a…

Elizabeth Medina

The Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Pawn Star Cash and Loan

Listen to another satisfied customer talk about their experience with PawnMaster’s…

Yi Ming "Kenny" Yang

Pawn Star Cash and Loan

Testimonials - Mason Ave Pawn

Joel Murphy has been using PawnMaster since 2009. See what he has to say about our product…

Joel Murphy

Mason Avenue Pawn

Testimonials - A Cash Connection

People choose PawnMaster because we live up to our reputation. We have the largest…

Max Obstfeld

A Cash Connection

Testimonials - Sunset Jewelry & Loan

This is exactly what we mean when we say we have world-class technical support and sales teams…

Jordan Safan

Sunset Jewelry & Loan

Testimonials - A&R Coins and Pawn

Robert Ballard details how using PawnMaster has helped him manage his business in ways he…

Robert Ballard

A&R Coins and Pawn

“I wanted to take a minute and extend thanks to PawnMaster’s support staffer, and I thought you should know what a great job he did yesterday for me. In 1.5 hours he researched my problem and gave me the resolution I needed, no more subscript error and he made sure that I was satisfied with the work done, and gave me his email in case any issues popped up. My PawnMaster installation for my shop is now working 100%. I wanted to say thanks to him and wanted you to know that he took the time to understand my problem and fix it, not brushing it off.”

Nick Antognini

Liberty Pawn & the Jewelry Buyers

Testimonials - Denbigh Pawn Shop-1

Trying to stay on the leading edge of technology. As well as, up-to-date support team…

Michael Palmeri

Denbigh Pawn Shop

Testimonials - Casa Grande Jewelry & Pawn

Ted knows that if he needs assistance, PawnMaster’s knowledgeable tech support…

Ted Lowenthal

Casa Grande Jewelry & Pawn

Testimonials - Sun City Coin and Pawn

Kim Mendoza of Sun City Coin was having trouble with XPawn’s customer service and sought out…

Kim Mendoza

Sun City Coin and Pawn

Testimonials - Denbigh Pawn Shop-1

Mark was looking for a stable company that would provide technical support and…

Mark Strother


Testimonials - Denbigh Pawn Shop-1

Charles Fouche shares his experience with PawnMaster’s Technical Support Team….

Charles Fouche

Beach Pawn

Patrick Kane
“I want to thank PawnMaster’s support staffer for a prompt and professional support resolution earlier today. Even though you are just a few weeks into your start at Data Age, you were able to help us resolve all five (5) of our issues as follows: Helped remove the local “Backup” auto prompt icon on the start-up screen and confirm our need to not use it as we have Digi-shield installed and operational. Reconfigured our “Pawn Ticket” printer, and helped me understand that electronics cannot work or communicate with one another within a network unless that “user – me” actually powers up the device. Troubleshoot the jewelry inventory GoDex printer and discovered it was not activated on the “Store Set Up” options menu. Helped troubleshoot the functionality of the DataLogic handheld scanner to that it was capable of scanning driver’s license data to populate “Add Customer” fields/ Scheduled a remote update of the Washington State fee schedule of tomorrow morning (Friday, July 24th) at 8:30 a.m. local Seattle time in order to be compliant with changes.”
Patrick Kane / ConsignLux / Seattle, WA
William E. Harris
“I want to thank PawnMaster’s support staffers for going above and beyond the call of duty to address a problem from one of our store managers who called me as they were preparing to leave on Friday.”
William E. Harris / Money Mizer Pawns and Jewelers / Columbus, GA
Mohssen Kolahiyan
What types of questions did you have for our tech support staff upon calling? He answered questions about my first initial set-up, printers, reports, and accounting.
How would you sum up your experiences with tech support in your own words? I just opened my shop a month and a half ago, PawnMaster has always given me 100%! The tech is always delightful and has never made me feel like a burden, he even contacted my accountant to help me with reports. There were times that I had to return his call since I was busy setting up my shop, he always answered efficiently when I called back.
What are his best qualities? Reliability, Understanding, and Product Knowledge.
Do you think he should improve in any area of customer service? Not at all, he is an example of what support should look like.
Mohssen Kolahiyan / Elite Pawn / Federal Way, WA
Patrick Wade
“My server completely crashed this past Sunday late afternoon. When we called PawnMaster for assistance to evaluate the situation we encountered Devon as our technician, he was polite, but you could tell that the day had been a trying one, it was the day before MLA day. He analyzed that the server was DOA, it was 6:00 PM Sunday evening CST, (7:00 PM Florida time). He assisted our store in taking another computer and making it a temporary server, and getting us back in business before we opened the next morning, this took till well past 1:00 AM his time and when I looked at the computer at 7:30 AM the next morning he was already working on the finishing touches so that we would have the least amount of trouble when we opened. He stuck through everything it took to recreate our database and be ready for opening. He went way beyond any customer service that I would have expected. He deserves recognition and praise for sticking with a very stressful and tough job. Many thanks to him, for his hard work and dedication. “
Patrick Wade / P & J Pawn Shop / Dallas, TX
George Duren
“Thanks for the great service and support, your team is awsome and it’s a pleasure to work with you.”
George Duren / Branford Pawn / Branford, FL
Jonathan A. Blatter
“I would like to acknowledge PawnMaster’s Support staffer for taking care of my concerns and doing it in a very professional manner. You should be proud to have as one of the team.”
Jonathan A. Blatter / Edian Jewelry LLC / Hialeah, FL
Anton Gotsmanov
“You guys have a world class tech support team that solves problems extremely efficiently”
Anton Gotsmanov / E and B Pawnbroker / Moorestown, NJ
Yogesh Bhojwani

We are happy with Data Age service, which always helping out us with technical problems with quires. Well, regarding E4O, E-Commerce solution seems to be a good product in accelerating revenue part. Most probably it’s going to be from next year January as we are busy with other things at the moment to finish it up by the end of this year. Much appreciated to Data Age for giving us more knowledge to help us doing business more sophisticated & developing.

We would like to thank Data Age for playing an important role in our organization, it’ll be continuing like this for many more years.

Thank you once again!!

Yogesh Bhojwani / Gold2Cash / Willemstad, Curacao
Steve Sponcia

This is Steve! Thank you Nick your help was tremendous! Everything went well after you set everything up on the server, we entered all our pawns & title pledges we had waiting after 4 days without a system and all was good. The other Nick then took care of setting up our workstation later in the afternoon. Thank you both.
I hope I won’t have to contact you anytime soon but if I do I know I have complete confidence in you.


Steve Sponcia / Komer Pawn II / Greenville, TN
Paul Kobierecki

“PawnMaster support staffer, thank you for getting back to us promptly after the initial call to Tech Support on the ScanShell issue. I really appreciated your efforts to run some tests with me once the updates were completed to insure that the scanner was working properly.

As the point of contact for Vintage Gold and Coin, I have had several opportunities to work with DataAge Tech Support on software updates and in-house issues.
You and your team have proven your competency with each issue and I commend you on your people skills. You were patient, personable, and listened and understood my scanner issue before proceeding with any updates.
Thank you again for your help.”

Paul Kobierecki / Vintage Gold and Coin / Olyphant, PA

Services Testimonials

“The software trainer is AMAZING!!!!!! The value that he adds to this company is superlative. He is so knowledgeable, not only about the software, but also the pawn industry. You can tell that he has passion for it as well. He made learning very enjoyable. He was able to answer my questions and if he didn’t, he found the answers for me.”
Gina Barkan

A Pawn USA

Testimonials - Empire Gold & Pawn

Sandra from Empire Gold & Pawn discusses her exceptional experience with PawnMaster’s…

Sandra Saperstein

Empire Gold & Pawn

Testimonials - Parkway Pawn

Darrell Horton had a great experience at Data Age University. He explains some of what he…

Darrell Horton II

Parkway Pawn & Gun

Testimonials - Henderson Pawn

Tony Henderson ran his pawn shop “old school” for years, opting to use the pen-to-pad method…

Tony Henderson

Henderson Pawn

Testimonials - Progressive Pawn

Tom Parker, credits PawnMaster in part for his continuing success and appreciates how simple…

Tom Parker

Progressive Pawn

Testimonials - Progressive Pawn

Elizabeth Chapple, talks about Corby coming in and immediately started talking numbers…

Elizabeth Chapple

Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry

Testimonials - Progressive Pawn

Elizabeth Chapple talks about how implementing Corby suggestions has helped their operation…

Elizabeth Chapple

Pleasant Hill Coin & Jewelry

Karen M. Erdman
“Thanks for your time, it was extremely informative.”
Karen M. Erdman / Reeds Jewelers of Niagara Falls, Inc. / Amherst, NY
Jamie Smith
“We just finished up with Corby’s visit and I am re-energized and more excited for the future. Corby’s recommendations will result in a huge Return on Investment. To have someone with his vast experience come in and look at our operation was priceless. He was able to quickly fine-tune some of our processes and make easily implemented recommendations that will pay off for years to come. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their shop to the next level.”
Jamie Smith / Payday Partners, Inc. / Dubuque, IA
Lee Richman
“You are truly an expert in your field and I appreciate all your support.”
Lee Richman / Frontera Financial Services / Coachella, CA
Martin Strasser
“We had a great time with Corby and learned a lot. Our operation is fairly refined after 20 years but you can definitely see his experience at running 30+ stores. It was a very ‘in the trenches’ event. He went and spoke with each of the staff, reviewed our client flow for a few days and made practical suggestions on improvements. He reviewed our financials and picked out a few things he wanted to focus on and then it was down to task. He is, frankly, a ball of energy zipping around the store and looking into things. I’m not sure the staff could keep up LOL. I kept bullet points in a ‘to-do’ list and at the end of the visit, I have 24 items to get on top of. All good, actionable, improvements. Well worth the investment in my books.”
Martin Strasser, G.D., A.J.P. (GIA) / Premier Jewellery & Loans / Kelowna, B.C. Canada

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